Our Mission

Be the platform for tech career aspirants that brings real-world experience, professional connections, access to internships & entry-level jobs while helping companies build talent pipelines for hiring fresh tech talent.

We believe experiential learning is the best way to learn anything new.

So we decided to help aspiring tech professionals with it.

OneSkool is a conduit between tech career aspirants and the tech industry. We provide tools for industry connectivity and experiential learning to aspirants while helping employers build talent pipelines of vetted interns and entry-level hires.

We are not an alternative to college, bootcamp or online learning platforms. We help aspirants with the next step which is to learn how to apply skills to solve real-world problems. Real-world projects, virtual internships, access to internships,jobs and professionals is part of it.


OneSkool connecting companies and tech career aspirants

In a typical tech career pathway, learners have very limited interaction with the industry in form of coaching, project work and internships.

Situation might be slighly better for some in terms of internships but industry exposure is still tied to academic calendar and is not on-demand.

Typical Tech Career Pathway

Before OneSkool

OneSkool is striving to change this outdated practice of 'learn at the job'. We beleve well trained tech grads should be 'job-ready' when they finish their education. Most grads have ample training on core skills but lack practice and experience to put their skills to use in real-world settings.

OneSkool makes it possible for these aspirants to tap into industry expertise at any stage of their learning. And self-learners, bootcamp graduates, or those who didn't get placed via their career services have an opportunity to bridge the experience gap.

And we don't want to replace learning institutes but partner with them to the fill the gap between academic learning and industry expectation.

We believe the best way to do that is to bring industry experience to the institutes as well as democratize it for everyone, anywhere in the world.

Tech Career Pathway with OneSkool

With OneSkool

Our Background

OneSkool started as an aggregator and curator of technical skill videos and other resources. However, while pursuing users for a beta release, it became evident to us that a bigger problem needs a solution first. This eureka moment resulted in a pivoted, current version of OneSkool.com that was beta released in June, 2022.

Personal Story

As an aspiring techie in a small city University in India, founder Shailender Chohan experienced how lack of experiential learning and little to no presence of local tech industry can prolong search for internship and the first job. Unfortunately, it is still true. Not just in India, or Asia but in the US and likely across the world.

Our Vision

For aspiring career seekers, access to industry professionals and internships should be on-demand and not based on academic calendar. They should be able to tap into industry resources based on their personal needs, timing and career goals.

Outcome of it all is job and career ready graduates who are tapped by companies looking for productive new hires and interns.

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