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Select projects based on your preferred role or skills and then work on those at your own pace. Projects are posted by companies and professionals from variety of business domains. Work at your own pace but keep hitting milestones. Seek feedback to develop your job-readiness skills.

Create a stand out profile

Real life projects helps you develop job-readiness skills that are valued by employers. And having a portfolio of these projects makes you a "stand out" candidate. It usually translates into more interview calls and successful interviews.

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Projects for Students

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Get recognition in the form of testimonials and project completion certificates. Share it all on LinkedIn and post a permanent link to your achievements on your resume.

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1 Different purpose

Real-world projects are not for grading. Their purpose is to achive a business goal. Like any other skill, it takes practice to develop the skill of keeping busines purpose in mind, instead of grades, when working on real-world projects.

2 Unclear requirements

Real-world requirements are not necessarily very clear early on, and may change. Learning how to get clarifications, and work on accurate solutions is very important.

3 Part of a large project

There are exceptions but most real-world project teams work on modules of larger applications. You should learn how to work on your part while keeping integration with the larger applications in mind.

4 Project variety

Business needs vary a lot and so do projects. It is a good idea to work on projects from different domains and with different skill requirements. Early exposure to variety would help you become a better tech professional.

5 Reviews & testing

Real-world deliverables are reviewed and tested much more deeply compared to similar deliverables in academic settings because team members and stakeholders know that your work might impact them and their business.

6 Definition of Done

Real-world product requirements, designs, solutions, automated tests are usually not done with the first delivery. It usually results in feedback which then results in more requirements, design changes, bug reports, tests and so on.

For PoCs, Prototypes and Research Projects

Let tech career seekers be your Virtual Interns who can work on your non-critical projects. Just spend few minutes a week answering questions and reviwing their solutions.

Post Project. Accept Delivery. Issue Reward.

You can decide how you want to reward Interns on successful milestone deliveries. It can be money, project completion certificates, and acknowledgement notes.

Build talent pipeline of Interns and Entry Level candidates

Do not sift through 100s of resumes. Build pipeline of qualified candidates based on successfull submissions of your projects. You can still filter using additional skills.

Win-Win for Companies and Career Aspirants

Change someone's life by coaching and guiding them while they work on your projects.